The specific problems or needs that this project helps to solve are:
  • Qualified basic skills in photonics and digital broadcasting
  • The existence of modern educational series, adapted to the project's training offerings
  • Introduction between current training offers and the job market
  • Specialized human resources for the succession of trainers.


The PHORAN Master course (Photonics and Digital Broadcasting) aims to to put on the Beninese and African markets a well qualified human resource, on the one hand all the technology related to optical telecommunications and on the other hand all the technical notions coming into play in a radio and / or digital television environment. For this purpose, the training is open to anyone with at least a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science and Technology, exact sciences or any equivalent degree.

Output profiles

For the photonic option :
  • Photonic Standardization Engineer
  • Architectural engineer telecommunication networks photonic option
  • Optical Network Maintenance Engineer
  • Construction engineer for optical networks
  • Technical Sales Engineer
For the radio and / or digital television option :
  • Network Head Engineer
  • Digital Transmission Engineer
  • Broadcast / Digital Broadcast Engineer